A downloadable Horror Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the Itch.io page for the upcoming horror game, 'The Final Silence'

Install instructions

Download the .zip file,

Extract it,

Run 'The Final Silence.exe',

Enjoy the game :).


The Final Silence V.1.10.zip 355 MB

Development log


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I think you have potential on something original. It ran smoothing, lighting was nice, but I prefer the original demo the night by relay studios found right here on itchio.


Loved your game.... So much future potential there, I'm really digging it. Thank you for developing and sharing it! It's the first video in here, if you want to see it. 


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This is Identical to the The Night Demo developed by relay studios.


This was pretty good! I wish it were longer and had more scares/enemies to encounter, otherwise, it was enjoyable! Here's my playthrough:

This game was well done. Although i encountered some bugs especially at the air vent area also managed to go outside the map at the outdoor part. Other then that solid game. Also made a video on it.

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Looking forward to some your next work DinDan, I really do think that you have some potential! As I believe you are just starting out right? 

That jumpscare got me good btw.


I tried out your game! It was pretty good it was confusing. Definitely needs a lot more content added and it needs a story to it! But good work!

Played your game! Thought it was a decent demo, scared THE MESS out of me at one point. lol I'm sure you already know which point. You're the second game played, starts at the 8 minute mark 


Thanks for playing the demo bro, there will definitely be updates coming in the future :).

Was I supposed to be able to go through the grate above all those boxes? The game wouldn't let me but the key from the chest of drawers let me out

If you meant the vents, then yes



hi,big thx for the demo. greetings from rosti


Well that was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made you a video: 

Thank you! There has now been a later version released with some major patches and bug fixes.



Hi, I'm currently playing your game and ran into an issue. I unlocked the front door and now I'm outside and under the house..

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Thank you! There has now been a later version released with some major patches and bug fixes.

Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Hi, Thanks for making a video on my game, it's much appreciated :). I'm currently working on it and will be releasing a new version soon!


Thank you so much i'm glad you liked it , i will be waiting for the next updates :) .

There has now been a later version released with some major patches and bug fixes.:)

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Game and graphics are great.